Lush in Bakersfield

Happy Tuesday my friend!

I know that I have been missing for quite sometime now, but I am back and that’s all that matters.

Today I have something exciting to share with you; your girl was lucky enough to get to visit her local Lush! I am so thankful they chose me to share the experience with. Everything looked and smelled incredible. The staff made me feel so welcomed and all around loved. I’ve never tried any Lush products or have even been inside of a Lush store before, so this was a big deal for me.

This Lush, sadly, is only a pop-up store in Bakersfield and will only be in town for a few months. So if you are in my area, you only have a couple more months to check it out.

I want to thank Lush for gifting me with $50 to spend in their store.

I picked up a few items and am completely happy with my choices. Snow Fairy is probably the best smelling products EVER! I bought the spray and body conditioner. I’m obsessed! I really need to go back and pick up the shower gel. I also picked up a Mask of Magnaminty, it smells sensational, and so far is one of the best masks that I’ve ever tried. What is your favorite product?

Here are a few photos from my shopping day and thought that I would share the magic with you. shoutout to my girl JoLynn for making my experience the best. Your energy just makes the entire Vibe girl!

5 Stores To Shop For Baby Boy Clothes

As a mama of a little boy, my biggest struggle is finding my son cute, neutral clothing pieces. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried searching for boy clothes and they all come out with Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse on them! Trust and believe that I have already gone on a rant about this subject on Instagram. My son will be a year old on April 22nd and I still have trouble finding cute, plain clothing items. 

However, I have found a few stores that have cute and plain pieces for Julian that do not contain a cartoon character… Okay, let’s face it, everyone is slapping Mickey’s face on at least one piece of clothing item, but I am going to try my best to share the basic pieces with you. In case you are a boy mama in the same ugly boat, here is where I like to shop for my baby boy. 

  1. Amazon – Amazon is great for those trendy, cute, plain outfits for baby boys; however, they can get pricy! Babies grow so fast and sometimes only wear an outfit one time. So I like to buy stuff when they are on sale, or the sizing is a wide range so that he can wear the pieces for a longer period. Down below is a romper that is gender-neutral that I have purchased for Julian and he looks so cute in it! I actually bought it in a few different colors.
  2. Old Navy – Most of the time Old Navy has some pretty reasonably priced pieces, I can find items on sale for the most part. Beware; they do have some pieces that contain characters, but they are pretty cute and I have yet to come across that Pooh Bear. Old Navy is also where I found my baby some basic baseball hats that I was looking so hard for.
  3. Walmart – Walmart has very inexpensive clothing pieces, as well as basic pieces. I love the baby jeans and the just plain colored pants. I can always count on Walmart to have something cute and cheap. 
  4. Target – I haven’t purchased any boy clothes from Target just yet, but I did go scope them out and they had a lot of cute basics for boys. They also have some cartoon character stuff, if that’s what you are into. 
  5. H & M – This is another store that has really cute basic items for boys, but they also have some questionable items such as Mickey Mouse and nautical outfits. I am just trying to keep it real here!

By all means, if you are into the cartoon characters, please continue to dress your baby how you please and don’t get offended by what I write in this post. These are all my opinions and not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, with that being said, I hope that you enjoyed this post! If you have any recommendations for me, please leave them in the comments, I am always looking for new places to try out for Julian. Make sure to follow me on all socials!

Shop Julian’s Looks

Grey and White Striped Shirt : Old Navy

Baby Boy Jeans: Walmart

Romper: Amazon

Black Shoes: The Children’s Place

Black Sandals: The Children’s Place

Red Shoes: Similar – Amazon

Hats: Amazon



Massive Shein Haul

Hello and welcome back to a very long awaited post! Today I have a huge haul for you. The quarantine boredom bug bit me and I bought some stuff! so let’s jump right in!

Everything will be linked for easy shopping.

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Disclaimer: Only two of these photos belong to me, which are the two that I am in. Photo credits to Shein for all of the others.

February Goals


  1. Dye my hair; I can already check this one off my list! I dyed my hair last night.

2. Pop up Shop; I actually signed up for one this coming up Friday, so as long as everything goes well, this can be checked off too!

3. Buy a new book; I have my eyes on Untamed by Glennon Doyle

4. Join the gym; I’m waiting for pay day and then hopefully, I can get my butt to the gym!

5. New routine; Not only do I need a new routine for be, but for my baby as well. His schedule has been all over the place lately.

6. Website; Etsy has recently taken down my cat keychains and I am no longer able to sale them on their website. So my goal is to create my own website to sell all of my resin crafts! Wish me luck.

There you have it! There are my goals for this month, I hope that I can cross as many off of my list as possible. What are your goals for the month of February?



Mama Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and it feels like it’s flying by! Today I wanted to share a Mama gift guide with you; these are gifts that I would love to give and receive. So let’s jump right into it. 

  1. BlanqiBlanqi is the most comfortable maternity / postpartum support wear out there. I love the Blanqi nursing bras, high-waisted leggings, and support tank tops. All of their products are of good quality and are perfect for everyday wear. Right now, Blanqi is having a sale; 70% off of selected items! Head over and check it out. 
  2. Facial Steamer – This is a good gift for those hard-working mamas out there. As a mama, some days can be rough, so a nice pampering is much needed! A facial steamer is also great for those self-care Sundays. I have a blog post all about the benefits of a facial steamer, you can check it out here.
  3. Oil Diffuser – I just recently bought myself one, and I love it! It’s so calming and relaxing. Oil diffusers are a great gift for anyone, not only mamas. If they already have a diffuser, you can’t go wrong with some new oils
  4. Tula Cooling Eye Balm – This is great for new mamas who don’t get much sleep! It helps to de-puff and brighten the under-eyes.
  5. House Slippers – They are a perfect gift for anyone! Cozy, practical, and cute! 
  6. Wristlet Keychain – These are super inexpensive and are helpful for the mama who is always on the go.  

That brings us to the end of my Mama Gift Guide! I hope that this helps you out a little and helps you decide on what to get. I want to thank Blanqi for gifting me with a great product so that I can share it with you! All products are linked; make sure that you check them all out!

Happy Holidays!

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What I have been loving in November

November is nearly at its end, can you believe it? I’m so ready for Christmas light, the smell of hot chocolate, and cozy boots. Before I skip over to next month in a hurry, I wanted to share my favorites for November with you. I have a variety of makeup, books, and gadgets! Let’s get to it.

My number one favorite for November has been hot coffee. I know that this isn’t that crazy and may seem ordinary, but I am usually an iced coffee person all year long. But there has been something about a hot cup of coffee in the morning! I love it so much, with that in mind; my coffee of choice is Folgers and caramel macchiato creamer from International Delight!

Moving on from coffee, my next favorite this month has been getting ready for my day! It may sound a little bit silly, but I feel so much better about myself when I get ready. I have been putting on a small about of makeup, doing my hair, and wearing hair accessories.

I have three makeup products that have been on my face daily this month.

The first one is Neutrogena HydroBoost Hydrating Tint Foundation. I love that it is a foundation but has an applicator like a concealer. There is no mess when I apply, and I can control how much comes out of the bottle. I am so obsessed, not to mention how glowy it makes my skin look.

The next two products are both cream products. I have dry skin, especially in the wintertime, so cream products are the way to go for me!

The Cheek Heat cream blush in the shade Nude Burn is so stunning. It gives me a natural flush to the cheeks, and it’s so easy to apply!

Next is a liquid highlighter; again, it is stunning. The Buxom Goddess Luminizer looks so natural on the skin and gives the perfect subtle glow.

Moving on to hair accessories, am I the only one that has been obsessed with hair barrettes? Especially ones that are all dolled up. I have a pack on rotation from Target; I love the different shades of beads that each clip has. I wear them with my hair down, in a low bun, and even with a high pony. There are endless opportunities for cute clips.

I have recently fallen back in love with audiobooks. Being a full-time mama keeps me pretty busy, so when I get a chance, I have been listening to audiobooks on the go. My all-time favorite book to listen to is Party Girl by Rachel Hollis. It’s about a small-town girl from Texas trying to make it in the Los Angeles event planning industry. It’s a cute book and is apart of a series.

My last favorite for November is my Etsy Shop; I recently did some rebranding and am loving everything about it. If you didn’t know, I have an Etsy shop where I sell hair bows, key chains, and custom tumblers. I am attending my first pop up event on the 28th of this month and am so excited! If you haven’t already, head that way and check it out! I will be having a mega Black Friday Sale going on.

If you have made it to the end of this blog post, you’re the real MVP! I hope that you enjoyed reading all about everything that I’m obsessed with this month! All of the products mentioned are all link within this post, so if you find something that interested you, make sure to check it out!



Blanqi Review and Black Friday Sale

Happy Monday, my friend; I hope all is well with you! Today’s blog post is something special and for all of the pregnant/ postpartum mama’s out there! I have discovered a new brand, and I know you are going to fall in love with them. Blanqi is the name, and they make the most comfortable support wear for nursing and pregnant mamas.

I had the opportunity to try out the Everyday High Waisted Leggings and the Everyday Postpartum Pull Down Tank. Let me say the leggings are so high waisted I don’t have to worry about that weird roll down that most leggings do. The tank top is perfect for nursing mamas; it’s also so cute. I wear my set around the house; I feel so cute in it and comfortable at the same time.

The quality is unreal! The material is so thick and stretchy. The best part about Blanqi is that they now carry extended sizes! I’m wearing a size 2x in both pieces.

From now until November 2nd, they are having their annual Blanqi Black Friday Sale! They have 50% off of some items, and other selected items are up to 60% off! I can’t wait for you to try them out!

So don’t walk to this sale, run! You can thank me later.

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Current Favorites

Hello there, I hope that you haven’t missed me too much. To make up for the time that I have been away, I thought that I would do a good old fashion favorites post. These were my September favorites, but they are also my current favorites!

I have so much loved products this month, starting with my Apple watch. I have the three series watch, it’s an older generation watch, but it still works great! I love being able to track my steps and my exercise for the day.

My Apple watch bands have also been a favorite this month. I love that I get to change them out so that they match what I am wearing for the day. I wear the beaded one when I am feeling fancy, and the regular bands on more casual occasions. ( beaded band, solid colored bands)

Speaking of looking fancy, I purchased a set of three headbands and have been LOVING them. They are the cutest leopard print headbands. They look great with solid color tops and dresses, and I can’t stop wearing them!

Staying on fashion, my next favorite is my Luis Vittuon Palm Springs Mini. She is the cutest backpack/ purse I have ever owned. I love the long adjustable straps.

My very last favorite of the month is this cute matching set! I bought it from Shein, and I’m obsessed! I love that it’s good enough to wear out and comfortable enough to wear around the house.

My very last items on the list are these reusable shopping bags. I have been obsessed with them; usually, I forget to bring my bags when I go shopping. These are so cute and work so well that I don’t want to forget them at home. I keep them in my truck, and when I bring them inside, I put them by my front door. They are so convenient and sustainable, I am in love!

That brings us to the end of this post, and I hope that you enjoyed it! I have more blog posts coming soon, so stay tuned!


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Shein Curve Haul

October is finally among us, can you believe it? I did a little shopping for this colder weather. I don’t know about you, but I’m in love with the matching set trend! So, guess what I picked up from Shein Curve? Keep on reading to find out!

Before we jump into the haul, I want to mention that I sized up for all of the items that I purchased. Shein tends to run smaller, and I like to be comfortable in what I wear. I am usually a size 20, but I bought everything in size 22.

The first set that went into my cart is this pink tie-dye sweatsuit. It’s so on-trend and so comfortable, it’s the perfect fit for me! I’m a stay at home mama, so I need to be comfortable, but there are days when I want to feel cute! This set hits the spot!

Next, I picked up a rainbow, stripped matching-set. Once again, super cute and comfortable! The top is a little bit cropped, but I don’t mind at all.

The next set, I kept going back and forth to decide if I wanted it or not. It’s the cutest windbreaker set that I have seen! I’ve never owned a windbreaker set, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but I’m super excited that I purchased it. It fits great, and it will be perfect for rainy days.

The last set that I purchased is my top favorite! I love how simple it is for wearing around the house, yet cute enough to run errands. Simple and classic; check it out here!

That is everything in this haul; I’m planning on purchasing more items soon. let me know which one was your favorite! This buy was a success, and I’m happy with my choices. Make sure to check out Shein Curve; they have an app, and I use it daily. I check-in daily, and I get points that go towards money off of my next purchase.

If you would like to try out Shein for the first time, you can get 15% off! Just click here and let the rest take its course, Happy Shopping!

This post isn’t sponsored; I’m just a genuine fan.

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What I Craft With: Products that I use for my Etsy Shop

Hello and welcome back! For the past few month, I have been creating custom tumblers and selling them! I have been obsessed and also have been purchasing a ton of supplies. Today I want to share all of the products that I use daily for my Etsy Shop.

The main tool that I use is my Cricut Explore Air 2 in Emerald. This machine is badass and cuts like no other. The system comes with different templets that make it easy when creating a project. Right now the Cricut Explore Air 2 is on sale if you have really been wanting to get your hands on it! You can find the link here. I use mine everyday and let me tell you, I have made my money back on this machine, plus more.

My next tools that I use daily are the Nicapa basic tool set. They help so much when weeding vinyl, scrapping card stock from my mats, and applying vinyl to cups.

Another essential for a vinyl based craft is transfer tape. I picked up a large roll from Amazon and so far it’s the best that I have tried.

I can’t forget to mention scissors! I use them for just about everything, cutting the transfer tape, cutting ribbon, and the other obvious reasons for owning a pair of scissors. You can check out these good ones here.

They vinyl that I use I also purchased from Amazon. I use a holographic vinyl and a regular vinyl. The matte colored vinyl is a little bit harder to weed, but still turns out gorgeous.

( Holographic Vinyl, Regular Vinyl )

And there you have it people! Those are my everyday, basic tools. I just added a new piece to my collection, so I’ll have to update you in a blog post very soon! I hope that you enjoyed.

Let me know which tools that you can’t live without, I would love to try them.

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Amazon Favorites: Baby Edition

I am back! I don’t know about you, but I am loving everything Amazon. I can watch Amazon favorite videos all day long! Today I have an Amazon favorites for all of the mamas with babies. These are products that I use daily and love so much. I hope that you enjoy!

( Crib, Mattress, Sheet, Bumper )

( Bottles )

( Toys )

( Pack n Play )

Those were all of my favorites for now! I’m sure that I will have more soon. He’s growing so fast and finding interest in new things.

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5 Shein Dresses for Fall

September is here which means that fall is near! You see what I did there? LOL! Today I am sharing 5 of the cutest dress that are perfect for the fall transition. Here is Bakersfield it’s still hot out, so these dresses are perfect for feeling the fall vibes, but still staying cool.

All of these dresses are from Shein, so you know that they are supper affordable!

I know right? They are super adorable! I can picture me in them with some tights and the cutest booties ever! They are perfect for the pumpkin patch, holiday parties, or just on a nice Saturday out.

Let me know which one is your favorite. I just can’t choose one! I love them all.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos, just showing my love for them!

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Meet Julian

Hello there!

It’s been so long since I have uploaded a blog post! In these past months, I have been learning how to be a mama and loving every minute of it. My little Julian was born April 22nd, at 6:34 p.m. and weighed 9 pounds, 8 oz.

Here are just a few photos of him throughout the past four months.

Look forward to seeing more of him and I. I just can’t get enough of him. I have a ton of mama posts and much more coming soon! For more of us on the daily, make sure to follow us on Instagram.

Love always,


Mama Must-Haves

Hello there! My name is Kelsey, and I am a new mama! My little man is officially three weeks old today. In these short three weeks, I have already learned so much; and yet still have more to go. I did, however, find some fantastic products that have changed my motherhood game. I thought that I would share these products with you, just in case you are a new mama as well or are just looking for some awesome stuff!

My first Mama Must-Have is an electrical breast pump. This is more for the Mama’s that are breastfeeding and need to let out the extra milk. I love the fact that I don’t have to pump manually. I’m already so tired from being up all night with Julian; I don’t want to add more work that isn’t needed.

My second Mama Must-Have is a Brica Car Mirror. This mirror is magical! I am a working mama and get to take Julian with me. He hates the ride home and cries the entire time. Now all I have to do is turn the mirror on, it sings and has lights that will entertain him the whole drive home. It also comes with a remote so that it can be controlled while I am sitting at a red light. I am so in love!

This awesome thing puts him right to sleep!

While on the working subject, my next Mama Must-Have is the Snuggle Nest. The Snuggle Nest is a portable infant sleeper. I don’t think that I can live without this thing! He gets to sleep comfortably in the Snuggle Nest while Mama works.

He gets to lay comfortably while mama works.

My last Mama Must-Have for this blog post is the Baby Brezza. Let me say; this thing is a Keurig for making baby bottles. It dispenses formula, (however many ounces you need), warms the water, and mixes the water and baby formula for me. I have to do is put the lid on my baby’s bottle. Did I mention that it takes less than 30 seconds to do it all? The Baby Brezza comes in handy, especially for those long sleepless nights.

That brings me to the end of this post! I needed to share all of these products with you; it was killing me. I hope that you enjoyed it!

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What’s In My Hospital Bag

Happy Wednesday! If you are reading this the day that I am posting it, then it’s currently my birthday and two days away from my due date. Eeekkk.

I felt the need to share with you everything that I have packed in my hospital bag. I love seeing what other people pack, so I thought now would be the perfect time to share my version.

Let’s jump right in!

I love this bag so much; I purchased it from a local company. They create custom, reusable bags. You can find El Saco 72 on Instagram.

So inside I have:

  • Witch hazel wipes
  • Travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, detangler, and lotion
  • Frida Mom healing foam
  • Frida Mom peri bottle
  • Dermoplast
  • Nipple cream
  • Advil
  • Stool softener
  • Phone charger
  • Chapstick
  • Hair tie
  • Hair clip
  • Disposable nursing pads
  • Tuck’s cooling pads
  • Lotion
  • Maxi pads
  • Dressed to deliver hospital gown
  • Dressed to deliver robe
  • Jammies
  • My honey’s clothes

I also ended up adding our toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deodorant. I realized that I forgot to pack those after writing this blog post. LOL

I am also going to pack a sweater for my honey and the tablet in case he gets bored.

If you are an expecting mama, I hope that this post has helped you somewhat, if not, I hope that you found it interesting.

Also, if you are an expecting mama, make sure that you check out Dressed to Deliver! They have great delivery downs, robes, and matching swaddles for your little one! You can use the code AMB2020 for 40% off.

That is it for this blog post, I hope that you enjoyed it! I am going to be sharing a “What’s in my diaper bag” post with you soon, so keep a look out for that. Share this post with an expecting mama that you know. Hopefully it can be helpful for them!

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Facial Steamer Benefits

Hello there! I know that it has been a while since you’ve heard from me, but I’m sure that it’s been crazy for all of us nowadays. I hope that you are staying at home and staying safe! Enough of that, and let’s get to the real reason that you clicked on this post; The benefits of a facial steamer.

I purchased a facial steamer over a month ago and have not stopped using it since! I wasn’t sure that I was going to love it, but I took a chance anyway. My first thought about a facial steamer is that I should have purchased one a long time ago. Here are a few reasons why You need one in your life.

  1. It helps to remove toxins – You never really know how much gunk is in your skin until you clean it and see a difference.
  2.  It helps to remove blackheads and whiteheads – Need I say more? 
  3. It opens your pores – This helps to let the skincare products absorb into your skin so that all of the money that you spent on those products, doesn’t go to waste. 
  4. It helps promote collagen production – This keeps your skin looking fine as wine in the summertime!
  5. Did I mention that it helps relieve sinus problems?  
  6. It also helps to remove all of the dead skin that is on the surface of your face. 
  7. It’s very relaxing. 
  8. It leaves the skin looking healthy and glowing. 

Not only are all of those reasons great, but the facial steamer is also super affordable! I picked mine up from Amazon; I will link it below for you to check it out.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and found it informative. Next, I will be sharing my at-home skincare routine that will include the facial steamer. Keep a lookout for that! I hope that you have a wonderful week!


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March Goals for 2020

Can you believe that March is already here? I feel like this year is just moving so fast, and I can’t catch up! I guess it’s true that the older that you get, the faster time flies.

For today’s blog post, I want to share my new goals for March. You guys seem to like these posts the most, so here you go! 

  1. Work with a local boutique- I have mentioned before that I want to start working with more local companies. This month I’m going to make it a priority to make sure that it happens. 
  2. I have reached 4,000 followers on Instagram- I currently stand at 3,815 followers. I’m not too far behind my goal; I know that it will happen. 
  3. I have my first pop-up shop- This will happen, I signed up for a local pop-up on the 29th of this month!
  4. I have 1,600 blog followers.
  5. I have $1,900 in my savings account- so far, I have reached the rest of my goals when it comes to savings. 
  6. I have a new blog post up once a week- this is a little harder than it seems, but I am going to try my best!

I know that some of these goals are the same as last month, but that means that I need to work harder to achieve them. I hope that this inspires you to write down your goals so that you can reach them as well.

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Shein Curve Haul

Happy THURSDAY! I hope that your week is going great so far; today, I have a small haul for you from Shein Curve. This is the second time that I have placed an order with them, and so far, I love all of the pieces that I bought! So here is what I purchased.

If you haven’t heard of Shein Before, it’s a clothing website that sells cute clothes for a very affordable price. The quality isn’t always the best, but when I can buy a brand new cute dress for $10, sign me up! They have a wide variety of sizes; they have regular to plus sizes. I do recommend sizing up if you decide to purchase anything from Shein. I bought everything in size 20, and the shoes are a size 9.

I love T-shirt dresses, they are so comfy! So I purchased two, just different colors.














8 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him


  1. Yeti Rambler Mug- I have one, and I love it! It’s perfect for hot or cold drinks and great for on the go.
  2. Funny Shirt- Something that will keep your man laughing!
  3. Carhartt Beanie- If the man in your life works outside or likes to be warm, this gift is a good one.
  4. Beard Kit- This is also another exceptional gift; there’s nothing like a nice groomed beard.
  5. Some House Shoes- Uggs are always a great go-to!
  6. Flannel- We want our men to look put together. 
  7. Wallet- let’s be honest, when is the last time that he bought himself a new wallet?
  8. Beard Straightener- I mean, how cool is it to have a straightener for the beard?

I hope that you enjoyed this quick post! Everything can be punched through Amazon, just shop below! If I don’t have another blog post up by then, I hope that you have the best Valentine’sDay!

Shop Products

Yeti, Shirt, Beanie, Beard Grooming Kit, House Shoes, Flannel, Wallet, Beard Straightner

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10 Favorite Amazon Purchases


  1. My all-time favorite purchase from Amazon has been my fluffy red sweater. I wear it almost every day; it’s so cute and comfortable.  
  2. Throughout this pregnancy, my Amazon favorite is the Rumor Has It Maternity shirt. It’s so cute, comfortable, and super affordable. I currently have two more chilling in my cart. 
  3. This clear bag is so on-trend and perfect for Instagram photos. I use it every time I head to a meeting or a social event. 
  4. Tennis shoes have been my go-to lately. Perfect for my pregnancy and all of the walking that I do. 
  5. Another purchase that I use almost every day is these fantastic makeup brushes. They are super affordable and have lasted so long. 
  6. Staying in the beauty aspect, I purchased a new curling iron! I love me some cute curls. 
  7. Now it’s time for some phone accessories! I can’t get over my phone case. It looks super expensive, but it wasn’t! 
  8. As a blogger, I take a lot of my photos, so when I found this Amazon purchase, I had to have it. This SideKick phone mount is so convenient and easy to use. 
  9. I am a planner fool, so for the new year, I needed to try out a new planner. I found this Legendary planner that is so cute and motivational, right up my alley and affordable, once again. 
  10. Last but not least, I purchased a game for family night. Sequence is such fun, and the entire family plays it for hours and hours. It’s a game of strategy, and I ended up buying it for two of my other family members.

IMG_1909IMG_7124IMG_1945shoes0ebea84feea49229fbfefb3ac2373dedcurling ironIMG_01271450270810_1030814IMG_1505sequence

That brings us to the end of this post; I hope that you enjoyed it. Please let me know if you would like me to write more posts like this. I had so much fun sharing my Amazon purchases with you! If you haven’t already, make sure that you go check out my last blog post, I share my February goals with you.

Here is where you can shop for the products that I mentioned if you fell in love as I did.

Red Sweater, Maternity Shirt , Clear Purse, Shoes, Makeup Brushes, Curling Iron, Phone Case, Phone Holder,Planner,Sequence

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February Goals 2020

A new month is so refreshing to me; I love the chance of starting over. Everything that didn’t happen the month before, I make it a point to make it happen in the new month. February is a shorter month, but there are still enough days in the month to get shit done! In today’s post, I’m going to share all of my goals for this February.

My Goals for February

  • I have sold all of my bows from my Valentine’s Day collection. For those of you that don’t know, I own an Etsy shop and sell bows for little girls! You can check out my shop at the bottom of this post!
  • Hit 1,600 blog followers, I am currently at 1,503.
  • I have finished painting Julian’s crib, and all of his clothes are clean. I am 7 months pregnant and need to get my butt into gear, preparing for Julian’s arrival.
  • I have reached 4,000 on Instagram; this goal has been a long time coming. I am currently sitting at 3,723. I know that I can get to that 4K mark; I need to be more consistent. If you would like to contribute my following count and help me achieve my goal, you can follow me on Instagram here
  • A local company has reached out to me and would like to collaborate. I love working with people from my hometown.
  •  I have sold everything on Poshmark. 
  • I have $1,300 in my savings account. Saving has always been tough for me, but I have kicking ass at it this year and have hit many goals for last month. So here is to February!

What are some of your goals for February?

I can feel that this is going to be a fantastic month! Love is in the air, and so is an auspicious month! I am going to start posting monthly goals from now on; you guys seem to love my goal-oriented posts, along with my boss babe topics. Let me know what you think! Also, make sure to check all of the links down below so that you can follow me around on social media! I hope that you all have a fantastic week!

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Top 5 Favorite Maternity Favorites

I am currently in my 6th month of pregnancy, what a long journey this has been. On this journey, I have been through a lot, but I have sound some favorites that have kept me happy during this time. I feel the need to share these products with you just in case you are in the same boat that I am. These favorites are some game-changers; I hope that you enjoy this post. 

  1. Coconut Oil – My skin has been incredibly dry this pregnancy; my son has been sucking all of the moisture from my skin and leaving me with nothing. Coconut oil has saved my skin! It has so many benefits, not only is it a great makeup remover, but it is also an excellent moisturizer.
  2. What To Expect When You’re Expecting– This book has helped me understand the changes that my body has been going through and the growth of my baby.
  3. Adjustable Maternity Pant Extenders– These bad boys have saved me a ton of money. No need to splurge on maternity pants, when these exist.
  4. Anything Sour- Sour skittles, sour belts, just anything sour.
  5. Leggings- They always fit!

All of these products I have been using religiously! I hope that I helped you discover a maternity favorite. If you have any products that you recommend, I would love to try them out! Please leave them in the comments.

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2020 New Year Goals

I love this time of year; this is the time to start fresh and become a better version of myself — it’s time to put my brain to use and think about what needs improvement in my life. So down below are some of my goals for the year 2020. I have put a lot of time and thought into these. I have a feeling that this is going to be the best year yet. 

This quote was found from Pinterest.
  1. I make more time for myself- I am always putting others before me. I am going to make it a priority to put myself first. 
  2. I will hit 50k followers on Instagram- I mean, who doesn’t want a big social media following? 
  3. I work with more local companies- Collaborations for my blog and Instagram. 
  4. I utilize my time better- I need to be more productive and manage my time better. 
  5. 2020 will be the year that I buy a house. 
  6. I drink more water- This goal is on my list every year. 
  7. I have stopped comparing myself and my life to others on social media. 
  8. I show up every day, and I do my personal best. 
  9. My credit score is 750. 
  10. I have more patience with everything and everyone. 

I can’t wait to cross all of these goals off my list next year; I can only go up from here. 

I hope that 2020 treats you better than in 2019. Happy Goal Setting. 


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2020 Blog and Instagram Goals

I highly doubt that I am the only one that has ever been in a rut when it comes to blogging and Instagram. I love both platforms, but sometimes I just get burnt out. This post is all about changing up my style and direction with them both. It’s okay to grow and evolve, and that’s exactly what these goals are all about. Enjoy my 2020 goals for my Instagram and blog vision!


  • LOVE


  • I only post photos that I love
  • I post once a day
  • 3 sponsorship/ collaborations a month
  • Constant photo shoots
  • New theme and direction
  • New audience
  • Buy a bad ass camera for better quality photos and content
  • Only follow those that inspire me


  • I post relative blog posts
  • I post once a week
  • I collaborate with more creators
  • Website makeover



My Stagecoach 2019 Must Haves

Ah, Stagecoach is right around the corner! I’ve been waiting for this weekend for a long time! I purchased my ticket back in September. Today I thought that it would be perfect to share some of my must haves for an event like this. I am hoping that this post will help you if you also have a festival to go to!

  • My first must have is my Plus Zone Chafe Stick. During music festivals, I am always rocking some cute, and heat friendly fashion pieces. Some being shorts, skirts, dresses, you get the picture. Chaffing is a no-go for me, so I need to protect myself from the pain. For more information about the product, I have a video on my IGTV and an Instagram post that you can go check out!
  • Killer fashion is an obvious must-have for ANY music festival. Need I say more?
  • Sunglasses, SPF, and chapstick are critical, the heat is unreal!
  • Phone charging bank, the picture taking is non-stop
  • Water bottle
  • Comfy shoes
  • Hair ties
  • Wet ones (it’s dirty)
  • Advil, unfortunately, headaches are a thing
  • My last must-have is to have a good time. Enjoy the weekend and make memories.

Keep a look out on my Instagram for all of the fun photos! If you are going to be at Stagecoach, I would love to meet up with you.

5 Goals for Instagram

I have been on Instagram for over four years now. In that time, my style and interest have shifted dramatically. Today I am sitting down to let you in on my new goals for Instagram. These are goals that I believe will help to grow and inspire those that follow along with my life.

  1. I like to constantly set new goals for myself to see what I can achieve. As of right now, my follower count is at 3,417. My number one goal is to get my follower count to 5K. Yes, I do understand that my follower number isn’t what matters the most, but it feels good to know that my Instagram is growing.
  2. My second goal is to try something new. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the lack of time that I already have, so I don’t always get to try different things. I am going to make it a priority to go visit new places and have photoshoots at times that I typically wouldn’t.
  3. Another Instagram goal of mine is to post on my story at least once a day. I know that people are looking at stories more now than they are posts on the grid.
  4. Becoming more steady with posting. Sometimes, as I said before, time slips away from me. Then before I know it, it has been 4 days since the last time that I shared anything with you. I’m going to push myself to become more consistent with everything on Instagram. Taking photos, posting, and interacting with more people and brands.
  5. My final goal for Instagram that I’m going to share with you; is to become more inspired and roll with it. Sometimes I forget to just take a minute for myself and live in the moment. The only way that my Instagram can thrive, is if I also thrive.

To wrap up this post, I just want to thank you for reading along and taking a look into my Instagram goals. I encourage you to sit down and write 5 of your own goals for whatever you would like to achieve. I am going to turn this into a series and call it my 5 Series. I know, typical, but whatever works.

If you are not already, make sure that you are following along on my Instagram. Send me a message and let me know that you came from the blog. I love meeting and chatting with new people.

My Favorite Vitamins

Now that I am getting older, this is the perfect time to make sure that I am taking my vitamins. I am mezmorized by these Thrive Thyroid and Metabolism vitamins.

These Eu Natural Products are perfect for me. I have been going to the gym a lot more and theis will help to regulate my metabolism and promote hormonal balance.

They are vegetarian and gluten-free.

I picked up my Thrive vitamins from Amazon

Make sure to check out the other vitamins that are sold from Eu Natural.

Favorite Native Products

When I find amazing products, I have to share them with you. I have discovered a new brand and I’m living for it!

  • Body Wash
  • Deoderant
  • Mini Deodorant
  • 2 Bar Soaps

These products are sulfate and paraben free! I love products that are made with safe ingredients. Did I mention that they are also cruelty-free?

I’ve received the starter pack from Native, which retails at $30. That isn’t bad for all of these products, plus they have more to choose from. They have different products from toothpaste to body wash.

Make sure that you head over to Native!

When you make your purchase, make sure that you use the code 20_bakersfieldbeautyblogger for 20% off of your entire order.

New Etsy Shop Items

I can’t believe how close we are to Christmas; did you finish all of your holiday shopping? If you still need those last-minute stocking stuffers, make sure you head over to My Julibean on Etsy!

I have recently found my love for resin and resin art! I started creating cute pieces that are beneficial for some people. Today I am sharing all of my new resin items that are now in my shop! I had so much fun making these and hope that they are best sellers!

I mean, how cute are these self-defense cats? I wish that I knew about them when I was working the graveyard shift in a dodgy neighborhood. They are only $5 and are perfect for anyone that wants to feel safer!

The next new items are the trendy hair clips. These are my favorite items in my shop! They are so cute, perfect for little girls of any age. They are great for adding a little sparkle to that simple high pony, or just clipping your bangs back.

Last but not least, I have resin phone stands available. These are a different gift for anyone, or just for yourself. Phone stands are practical and cute. I know I love mine and don’t know how I’ve been getting along without one! LOL.

That’s all that I have for now! Remember to shop small this holiday season, it helps out small business owners that are trying to keep going. Anything helps! Make sure that you check out MyJulibean for more items coming soon!

Happy Holidays!

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